Lyn Luersen:

Through the years, my passion for photography led me to study at Randolph Photography School in North Carolina, where I obtained my photography degree. My life has changed dramatically through the friends and colleagues I have made through my photographic experiences. I have worked on several advertising publications as well as advanced portraiture and architectural photography at Duke University in Durham, NC. While I was living in the Wilmington area I was able to donate some of my time and talents to the Coastal Area Health Education Center. My experience working with fund raising, marketing, and coastal portraiture strengthened my abilities as a photographer.

Portraiture has been my emphasis for the last several years and I have satisfied numerous clients and made many friends. While Working with many different people and listening to individual needs, I have discovered how to give you, the client a unique point of view through the artistry of photography.

The thrill and excitement of capturing the moment in time continues to thrive within my being.  What ever beautiful creation I see through my lens, when that shutter clicks, I know I have captured a piece of time that will remain forever.

Darryl Wilson:

I have been involved in photography for over a quarter of a century now. As I stand and look back over my shoulder at the path I have traveled photography has carried me down a picturesque and blissful passage.

  I have studied photography in Greensboro, NC and the New York Photography Institute, read countless photography magazine articles and photography books, and attended workshops and studied with true masters of the art. I have taught photography at Guilford Technical Community College and photography workshops. For almost a decade I worked for Konica-Minolta. My understanding of photography lead me to experiences such as heading the photography contest committee, processing digital prints with the state of the art digital processor, photographing children with Santa, being the Konica-Minolta’s photographer representative for the Triad Health Walk, and a much deeper understanding of the roots in the photographic paper process. With the help of my good friend Ron Williams (a great photographer), and the work and passion of many other photographers we co-founded TOP (Triad Outdoor Photographers) to have a place for other photographers to share their passion for photography.

 The thrill of Photography has not only educated me in the photographic process but given me the gift of seeing, appreciation and art of living. It has taken me to different countries, met and shared conversations with some extraordinary people, and given me a window to look deep within myself. Along the way I have won a few awards and have been recognized on an international level but nothing still compares to the simple act of creating an image that evokes emotion in others and myself.